Special Occassion Collection


Whether it's a beach, garden or church wedding, or a special occasion - Lynette's have the most incredible collection to select from - suiting all budgets. Sizes 8-20. Women come to us from all over the district searching for that perfect outfit for their occasion. It can be a stressful task! The team at Lynette’s will give you a one on one experience to capture that perfect look that suits the occasion and your personal style.

Here are a few of our exciting labels:

  • Newport Studio

  • Cashews

  • Jendi

  • Picadilly

  • Berlin

  • Lemon Tree

  • Threadz

  • Seduce

  • Vivid

  • Blackstone

Lemon Tree LT807SP 1.jpg

Special Occasion fittings

At Lynettes we have a huge collection of dresses for all shapes and sizes. We love providing fittings for special occasions and weddings making you feel special from top to toe.